Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy Red Worms Make Me a Happy Woman

My red worms the day they arrived.
A couple of weeks ago I started my red worm compost bin. Within twenty-four hours I was a little worried that maybe I had made a mistake in getting them because I wasn't sure if they were going to live and/or if I was doing something wrong that was making the whole thing smell.

I read that red worms can put off a smell when they are stressed and of course it has to be stressful traveling through the mail and getting dumped into a new bin.

What I didn't know was that they don't really eat much the first week or so until they get acclimated and are feeling more comfortable in their environment. I also didn't realize it is best to put their food through the food processor and put it on the side of the bin not on the bottom of the bin or mixed into the middle of their bedding. I mean really, who wants food in their bed?

My worms and I got off to a rocky start but I added more bedding on top and I waited a few days to feed them again (and I put it through the food processor this time). It took a few days for the smell to get better and they finally seem to be happy and even when I open up the bin, it doesn't really smell anymore.

Oh I did have a little of a gnat problem the first week, but as I added more bedding and put their food through the food processor, I now only see one occasionally. I plan on putting an apple cider vinegar trap on the lid today to take care of that from here on out. I also put diatomaceous earth on top of the big piece of cardboard that I lay on top of the bedding to keep the moisture in and I see a few dead bugs on that occasionally.

Now I find the red worms happily rolling around their food getting bigger and fatter by the day. I think that it also makes them happy that I add their food every other day instead of every day so they have one day that they aren't disturbed at all.

I love keeping my worms happy because if they are happy I am happy! I'm feeling much more relaxed about the whole thing.

Do you have a red worm compost bin? What was your experience when you first put them in the compost bin, how long did it take for them to acclimate, and for them and you to be happy with the whole process?

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  1. I would love to have a dedicated worm bin but what I do have is a couple giant compost bins. I don't turn my compost I just let it sit for a really long time, because of that I get a lot of red worms naturally. :) I <3 worms.

    1. Hi Shellah, I have a 16'x16' back patio so a giant compost bin wouldn't fit, at least not and have room for my veggie plants. There is a community garden that I might be able to start a large compost pile, it's actually kind of strange they haven't created one already. Glad to hear you have red worms in your compost pile. What zone do you live in? I'm in Zone 8 and from what I've read it possibly gets too hot down here for red worms to be outside in the heat of summer. Who knows, maybe they are out there and I just don't know it. :D

      Thanks for stopping by!


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