Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gardening in the Kitchen

I began planting seeds in my kitchen this past week to begin my intensive journey of urban gardening. The whole counter was taken up by seed packets, large clear containers (as my mini greenhouses), and soil just about everywhere because we all know I can't do anything in a tidy fashion. I have heard it is the creative personality type that things tend to explode all over the place.

Using What Is On Hand

I often have to use what I already have for my projects and this time was no different. I had a big bag of unopened potting soil from last year but it wasn't fine enough for my itty bitty baby seedlings to sprout through.

What could I do, what could I do? 

Hah! I got my trusty food processor out! Yes indeed I put that soil in my food processor and ground it down to a finer powder so that the seedlings would be able to sprout through it. That's kind of how the soil ended up everywhere.

No, I didn't blow up my food processor. 

But I did a lot of pouring soil into it and then into all the plastic cups (yes cups) I was using for the seedlings. I was also using egg containers and empty toilet paper rolls that I've been saving for quite some time, to my partner's chagrin.

What am I planting this year? As I am using what is on hand, for now, I planted basil, bell peppers, and acorn squash.

Last year I didn't have much luck with the bell pepper seeds, none of them sprouted. There were a couple of reasons for this I think.

  1. They were from store bought bell peppers and I've recently discovered that even if they are organic, they didn't stay on the vine long enough to have viable seed. 
  2. They need to be in a warm (70 to 80 degrees) environment to sprout. This year I am making sure they have the cozy environment that they need and they are in the laundry room, the warmest place in our home.

Hopefully I will have better luck this year for my veggie garden.

I planted a lot of seed but whatever I don't have room for on my patio, I will share with the community garden we have in our complex (we live in a condo.) I do also have other seeds that I will be planting soon!

Ordering New Seeds

I'm so excited! Today I ordered seeds from my new Rare Seed catalog!

  • Black Prince Tomato (I didn't even know there were other colors of tomato besides green and red.) 
  • Pearly Pink which is a cherry tomato (cherry tomatoes are my favorite!) 
  • Honeydew Orangeflesh melon (can't wait to try this one, it's like a cross between a honeydew and a cantalope). 
  • Poblano peppers (no more having to wait until I go to a Mexican restaurant for this delightful meal)
  • Melrose peppers (a reviewer stated they have a better flavor than bell peppers, can't wait to see for myself!)
  • Flat of Italy onion (I am finding I am drawn to much from Italy)
  • Diamond Eggplant (seems similar to the regular eggplant but it had good reviews)
  • Rat's tail Radish (Seriously, who knew that radishes could grow on a vine and look like a green bean?)
  • Attila Strawberry (hardy and plentiful)
  • Black cherry tomato (oh I am looking forward to trying these dark beauties)
  • Himalayan honesuckle or Chocalate Berry (oh my, fruit that tastes like chocolate? I definitely have to have that!)
  • Cantare Bean (a thin bush green bean that grows lots of delicious snap beans)
  • Zucchini Golden Squash (had trouble with my yellow squash last year, the plants grew fine but no veggies. This one sounds promising, fingers crossed)

I'm beside myself with anticipation of receiving this package of goodness!  This is the earliest I've ever gotten ready for my spring planting. I'm taking more risks in the garden than I have in the past. Although in the beginning it was all a huge risk for me and I had to fight through anxiety and panic attacks to plant my first tomato plants so many years ago. It has been a slow process but I'm getting there. 

Are you planting seeds or prepping for spring? Do you procrastinate in your garden?

PageLines- picture20193.jpgMorgan Dragonwillow is a writing rebel, foodie, urban gardener, recovering perfectionist, poet & author that (mostly) doesn't let her fears get in the way of her passion for writing and creating. She is team leader at @StoryDam, creatrix of  #OctPoWriMo You can find her writing and dancing into a wild and juicy life at She lives in Marietta, Ga. with her loving and patient partner, their dog that thinks she's a princess, and the cat that reminds her that she isn't.
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  1. It's been years since I seriously gardened. I miss it. I moved around so much for so many years and always lived in rentals.

    This year, I finally bought some houseplants. I'm also growing mint and basil in my kitchen. I'm taking baby steps towards gardening again!

    Your blog is quite inspiring, I must say, and it sounds like you've ordered some really interesting seeds. I never heard of vine radishes, for instance. Which reminds me, I always enjoyed planting radishes because they germinate so quickly!

    1. I'm chomping at the bit to receive the seeds in the mail. I don't have any baby sprouts yet from the seeds I planted but that is my favorite part (besides eating the veggies) watching them push up through the soil and begin to grow. They're my little babies!

      Good for you growing herbs and I hope you decide to plant a few veggies this spring!

  2. Morgan, it sounds like your garden is off to a great start.I hadn't thought about it, but maybe it's time I plant some seeds. Every year about this time I start thinking about spring and summer and what I want to grow. I only have a balcony, so I can't grow too much, but I love seeing what I can get to grow in containers. Good luck with your garden!

    1. Thanks Denise! I hope you decide to share some photos of your patio garden once you get them growing. I'd love to see them! I will be posting my patio photos once I get it set up and the plants growing. Luckily I also have a community garden that I can grow a few things in that don't fit on my patio. Have fun!

  3. Morgan! I'm laughing! You're wondering about stopping one blog but here you are doing another one!!! I sometimes wish I had more room for a garden, but the garden I have is plenty big. Aloha! Maui Jungalow

    1. Hi Courtney, this blog is a labor of love and so far doesn't have anything to do with my books or writing! It is something I've wanted to do for awhile and I finally broke down and did it. It is the author blog that I'm just not sure about and trying to figure out what I want to do with it. Thanks for stopping by!


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