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Life Lessons and Recipes - D is for Dessert

Ah dessert! That wonderfully delightful part that comes after the meal, most of the time. Growing up we almost always had some kind of dessert after dinner, usually cake,  pie, cobbler, ice cream, or pudding. I don't know if it was just a tradition that started way back in my family (great-grandparents and beyond) or if my family just had a major sweet tooth. Of course they probably received that sweet tooth from their family growing up themselves. I know we had plenty of desserts at our family gatherings.

By the way, you will hear me talking about my great-grandparents because I was blessed to know mine on my mother's mother's side and my mother's father's side. I was an adult when both of my great-grandmothers passed away and one of them lived until my own daughters were in high school.

If you are like me and have had trouble in the past remembering which is which - desert or dessert - my daughter once said, "The one you want more of has more s's in the word." I've never forgotten which is which ever since.

Lessons learned: Always be open to learning new things especially from those younger than you. Life is better with dessert in it. Everything in moderation and sometimes the sweet can be something healthy.

When I find myself reaching for something sweet, I ask myself (sometimes) do I want it because of a craving or because I'm feeling depressed and I'm trying to "sweeten" my mood. Sometimes I just don't care what the reason is, I just want the sweet.

As a grown woman I crave sweets frequently but I don't have a dessert after every meal anymore. But when I do... sometimes I try to make it at least a little healthy.

Comfort Food:

This is a healthier but oh so good dessert that I often have when it is warmer outside. 

Yogurt Delight


1 cup organic Greek yogurt - Or yogurt of your choice
1 tablespoon honey (or more to sweeten to your taste)
1/4 cup or more frozen organic blueberries
16 pieces (approximately) dark chocolate chips
1 tablespoon or so chopped almonds, nuts, or cashews (optional)

I use the honey to sweeten the yogurt by dribbling it in, approximately a tablespoon and stirring until mixed. .
Add the blueberries in frozen because it makes it a little like ice cream. I have tried it with fresh blueberries but I prefer it with frozen.
Sprinkle in the dark chocolate chips and nuts. 
Mix well and enjoy!

Did you grow up in a family that had dessert after most meals? What is your favorite sweet to eat?

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  1. That dessert sounds amazing. I'm always on the lookout for healthier desserts because it's usually just me eating them. Kel doesn't have much of a sweet tooth.

  2. My grandmother was a dessert after dinner sort of gal. She never had a problem with weight. I think she understood balance. A nice dessert after the evening meal beats the heck out of our modern tendency to eat sweet snacks all day long.
    Excellent recipe. Sounds delicious.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, and I think between not eating sweets all day long and how much more active people were back in the day, kept a lot of people thinner. That and less of all the toxic food that people eat now.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That does sound delightful! I love blueberries with yogurt, and all those other ingredients will make it even better. My family also ate something sweet after every meal. I didn't really pass that along to my kids. I turned into a sugar controller, which I just realized.
    Play off the Page

    1. Thanks Mary, ah yes the realizations we come to when we stop and really look at something. I'm glad that I could help with that realization. Peace to you.

  4. Love vanilla yogurt. Did not grow up in house where there was desert after each meal. The woman that raised me would make a yellow cake with a chocolate frosting with cold black coffee in it. LOVED every bit of it. Must say I was addicted to frozen gummy bears :) See you tomorrow.

    1. Thank you Sytiva, that cake sounds like something yummy for those that love coffee. I am one of those rare breeds that coffee drinkers hear about but probably think can't possibly be true, I don't like coffee. I know it is blaspheme or something. LOL! I am a tea drinker. Glad you loved her cake though, it sounds like a special memory.

      Oh my, frozen gummy bears. I must say I never heard of that and gummy bears was one of my favorite treats. I'm sure I would have loved it!

      Remember Sunday is our break from #AtoZChallenge, I'll see you on Monday! =)

  5. You're right, life is definitely better with dessert! I would never have thought of adding chocolate chips to berries and yogurt, but now that you've mentioned it...mmm, have to try that!

  6. My aunt had 6 children way before my dad had me and their mother (my gram) lived to be 99 years old. From my aunts family, she had 6 great-great grandchildren! My son met her when he was one and I have a treasured picture. I'm so happy you had "greats" in your life :)

    You can find me here:

    1. That's wonderful Clarabelle! My great grandmother also had great-great grandchildren, two of which were my daughters. I have been part of five generations three different times in my life, when I was little, when my girls were born and now with my own granddaughters. And they are all matri-lineal.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing about your family. Peace to you.

  7. We never had dessert as part of our dinners. I did enjoy a little something later though.

    --Mee (The Chinese Quest)

  8. I am shocked by how caloric commercial "dessert yogurts" (and non dessert yogurts, for that matter) are. This one sounds so much better!


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