Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tackling the Kitchen - Completing and Organizing

Last year, in the spring, I began a project in the kitchen to make it feel roomier than it is. The kitchen is smaller than some people's closet! I decided that the dark brown on the cabinets had to go (and the doors on the upper cabinets to be removed permanently) because otherwise, it felt like a very small cave.

Before I removed the doors and painted the cabinets.

It really did feel like a cave.

Only one person can work in this part of the kitchen at one time
and if the dishwasher is open, the refrigerator can't be opened. 

I completed the removal of the doors and the painting but didn't finish the bottom half or get the doors back on the bottom cabinets.

I love how the cabinets turned out with the white paint!

The first project will be to complete the remodel and start organizing.

Lucky for me, though the kitchen is small, there is lots of counter space. Now to get everything off of them that isn't needed.

Maybe next year I can take the wall down and make the kitchen bigger. Keep your fingers crossed!

Watch the before video below to see what I will be working on this coming week!

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Do you have a special project in your kitchen or garden? Are you working in small spaces and making the most of them? Do you like to experiment with your recipes?

I would love to hear your space saving tips!

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