Monday, April 27, 2015

Gardening Hyper Drive - A to Z Fail

I will definitely have to create my posts for the A to Z Challenge ahead of time next year. My gardening has completely taken up my time so that I haven't had much or any time for the challenge or anything else for that matter.

Here are a few things I've been doing this month.

Sowing seeds and potting up seedlings as I try to keep them from drowning in all the rain we've had lately. Moving all of them back and forth, in and out of the sun and rain.

Digging a trench to help with flooding on the patio although in the end, it didn't help that much. Still trying to figure out how to keep it from flooding.

Fun watching my Sweet Potato slips growing.

Transplanting into their containers.

And so much more gardening that's happened and so much more to go! Trying to get my patio garden beautified by Thursday for a lovely family BBQ.

I'll keep you posted, hopefully more frequently as to how my garden grows!

PageLines- picture20193.jpgMorgan Dragonwillow is a poet, foodie, and urban gardener (zone 7b) using a pen, shovel, and ladle to create a better world. 
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  1. Wow. You've been busy! It's still cold here in Michigan, so I haven't ventured out much. There's some pretty flowers in the front yard, but that's just nature being deceiving. Snow will happen again.

    1. Hope it's warmer now. I'm trying to pull myself back into blogging, I feel like I can back off of the garden just a little bit, enough to start writing again and hopefully start blogging again. Hugs!

  2. Drowning in rain?? I'm so envious. We have a severe drought here in California...I wish it was a little more even handed across the country. Looks like your garden is doing great though!

    1. Thanks, I'm originally from Fresno, California (also lived in Ontario and Eureka) and I miss it. I've been following the drought out there and I wish we could send some of this water your way.

  3. Better luck next year. Your garden will be well worth all your April effort I wouldn't feel guilty at all!

  4. I miss gardening so much - I'm actually envious that you were able to give it priority!

    1. Hi Paula, sorry to hear you're not able to garden. This is the most I've gardened in my life. I've only ever had a few plants until now. I've had many ups and downs but over all it is going well.


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